China's private capital, pioneer in the global nuclear energy financial markets

2018-02-07 ifeng.com

On January 28, GNIS (Global Nuclear Investment Forum), hosted by the global nuclear energy service provider Ocean Nuclear Co., Ltd., one of core members of the World Nuclear Energy Association, was successfully concluded in Beijing.


Summit Forum uses "With the combination of industry and finance, the international perspective - the wisdom of financial aid to the global nuclear energy industry exports" as topic for discussion. Many experts in nuclear energy field from 28 countries around the world, including Former Vice Minister of Commerce, Vice Chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center Wei Jianguo, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Vice Chairman of UN Global Climate Change Committee Mohan Munasinghe, World Nuclear Energy Association China District Director Francois Morin, Representative of Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Dmitry Strelnikov, Chairman of China Development Research Foundation, former Director of Development Research Center of the State Council Liu Shijin, Expert Committee member of China Nuclear Industry Association Xu Yuming, Chairman of Ocean Nuclear Qiu Zhen, and more celebrities from academics and industry to conduct an in-depth dialogue around the concept of "innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing". It also discusses the financial cooperation in nuclear power industry at home and abroad and the new direction, new challenges and new hope of innovation development in the export of nuclear energy under the background of global energy industrial upgrading development. The guests also exchanged views on the global nuclear power capital operation mode, the investment and financing mode of nuclear power projects and case experiences, and provided suggestions for the internationalization of China's nuclear energy development.


New Investment forces in overseas nuclear energy

At present, China's nuclear energy development is at an important period of strategic opportunity. Relative to the United States and other countries, the current installed capacity of nuclear power in China is low, so there is still a lot of potential for development. Especially after China's nuclear power technology matures, there is a steady stream of demand for nuclear power in China from the international market under the general trend of sustainable development in the world.


Mr. Xu Yuming, Deputy Director of China Nuclear Industry Association Expert Committee, said that after more than 20 years of effort, China has built a comprehensive nuclear power engineering system. China's nuclear power construction capacity is the strongest in the world and has the conditions for large-scale and mass production development. In addition to meeting the demand for nuclear power in the domestic market, China is still facing a good opportunity to enter the global nuclear energy market and has become the most important force in the development of nuclear power in the world.


China has enjoyed unprecedented good opportunities in the international energy market and on the other hand it has also encountered some challenges. In the early stage, technology, safety and talent issues have all become the stumbling blocks for China's nuclear power industry to go global. However, these problems have been solved through the experience accumulation for several decades. Today, one of the keys to open the door to foreign markets for nuclear power in China is the strength of China's capital and financial operations.


It is now more urgent for China's nuclear power to go global and it needs to be supported by solid economic strength. It is not enough to develop a huge international market solely on the basis of state capital. At this moment, the strength of private capital is undoubtedly indispensable.


Asian capital, Chinese power and global nuclear energy investors from China are trying to gradually expand the territory of China's overseas nuclear energy investment. In his keynote speech, Mr. Mohan, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and vice chairman of the UN Global Climate Change Committee, referred to "Ocean Nuclear," as a global financial service provider focused on nuclear power exports. "They are playing the role of a bridge connecting all parties in the industry and making the perfect combination of nuclear energy and finance, and they fill the gap in China's private capital going global and investment in nuclear energy exports."


Mohan Munasinghe said at the forum that with the aid of industrial financial services provided by Ocean Nuclear, an industrial financial platform, such as financing, investment operation and capital allocation, it can achieve a better and more peaceful, stable and sustainable international energy solution that can promote transnational energy cooperation. He expected that more Chinese private capital and Asia power will be participating more actively in the global business of building a harmonious energy in the future.


Pioneer and minority of nuclear energy investments

As the only private sector among the WNA members, Ocean Nuclear is playing an active role in the export of China's nuclear energy industry.


First, the excellent international team and vision of Ocean Nuclear make it follow the development trend of nuclear energy industry in the world, such as the screening ability of overseas nuclear power projects, high international participation, and its proactive attitude can greatly accelerate the speed of China's nuclear energy to go global.


Second, as a confident minority, the youngest Chinese private capital of WNA to be involved in nuclear energy cooperation around the world. It gets rid of China's previous labeling of participating in international nuclear energy at the national level or in political dimensions. It is more flexible and most importantly it can participate more effectively in the competition for the international nuclear energy business.


Most importantly, with a high degree of specialization, Ocean Nuclear focuses exclusively on nuclear financial services and is dedicated to do capital injection and its operations into the common thread of the global energy industry.


Ms. Shi Yanyu, chairman of the organizing committee of GNIS, believes that Ocean Nuclear is a pioneer during the process of Chinese enterprises going global and deploying global resources. They are actively promoting the Asian capital power and nuclear power export business. It is understood that the nuclear business of nuclear energy in the global nuclear power exports have been mostly deployed around the world. Starting from London, they started their financial arrangements based on the five core players in nuclear including China, United Kingdom, France, Russia and South Korea, linking their capital markets and providing financial solutions to energy companies worldwide. They also aim to deploy the capital-driven upgrading industrial energy system at the greatest extent and will enable more countries in the world to share clean energy with more market-oriented financial solutions.


Qiu Zhen, chairman of Ocean Nuclear, is full of confidence in the huge international energy market. Though meanwhile, he is also actively seeking suitable ways for Chinese private-owned energy companies to go global during the meeting and to achieve wider international energy cooperation.


Common vision


At the end of the conference, there is also a lively discussion on how can Chinese energy companies and especially private-owned energy enterprises to better go global, by Wang Jin, director of International Institute of Energy of International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission, well-known economist Zhuang Congsheng, Cao Heping, Deputy Dean of Digital China Research Institute of Peking University, Francois Morin and other experts in the energy field.


WNA representative Francois Morin believes that the key point of Chinese energy companies on entering the overseas market is to promote the correct concept of clean nuclear energy, which will be accepted by the local people. This coincided with the viewpoint of Mr. Wei Jianguo, former Vice Minister of Commerce. It is crucial of how to combine greenness with nuclear energy to the overseas development of China's energy companies.


Dmitry Strelnikov from Russia believes that China's nuclear energy enterprises must first to ensure the safety of nuclear power, and break through the barriers of technology and capital as two key points in order to meet the real demand of overseas public. At the same time, they should actively engage with international partners to build up mutual benefits and achieve a common goal, and also to promote the green and sustainable development of the planet.


Gao Zhikai, director of China Institute of Energy Security, suggested that private nuclear energy companies such as Ocean Nuclear should launch nuclear energy PPP (Public-Private Partnership, cooperation with government and social capital) financing program to create a typical nuclear finance model with Chinese characteristics and apply it for all countries around the world. This is necessary for them to go international.


The forum successfully concluded during the lively discussion and prospects from energy field professionals engaging in international development of China's energy in the future and the world's sustainable clean energy upgrades.


It is learned that within this year, GNIS will be held by Ocean Nuclear successively in France, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and South Koren. The summit will also invite IMF President Lagarde, the eighth UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the well-known uranium investor such as Warren Buffett to attend various thematic forums in different countries and regions, to further deepen the discussions on hot issues in the nuclear energy industry and investing development projects.


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