The First GNIS•Nuclear Investment Forum Will be Held in Beijing

2018-01-03 Ocean Nuclear
On Jan. 28, the first GNIS•Nuclear Investment Forum hosted by Ocean Nuclear will be held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. 

This forum will take the “Integration of Nuclear and Finance, Risk Capital Investment Direction” as its main agenda. Following the five concepts of “Innovation, Green, Opening, Sharing and Cooperation”, it aims to solve problems that are pivotal in the development of the international economy of energy, facilitate the integration and sustainable development of regional energy resources and explore the feasibility of using finance to boost the upgrading of nuclear industry.   

The integration of nuclear and finance is the accelerator for nuclear industry. 

Nuclear power has unparallel advantages in environmental protection, cost, safety and energy efficiency. However, the long project period, large scale and technical difficulties determine that the key factor for the development of nuclear projects is stable, reliable and sustainable capital source.  
In general, nuclear power development is enjoying unprecedented historic opportunities.

At present, there are 72 countries in the world that have already developed or are planning to develop nuclear power. Among these countries, there are 41 located along the “One Belt One Road” line and 11 located near the line.

In reality, the lack of capital is becoming the largest obstacle for nuclear power development. 

EDF (Electricite de France), one of the largest power companies in France, declared the complete halt of production of Flamanville reactor in March this year; the oldest nuclear power plant, Fessenheim, also declared shutdown in Jun. this year. Reasons behind all are related to the aging, maintenance and malfunctioning of reactors. Besides, due to the continuous low price of uranium, PanCanadian Petroleum Limited recently declared that the world’s largest uranium ore would be shut down for 10 months.  

After the processes of testing, startup and development, nuclear power development has already entered the reviving stage, and the construction of nuclear power plant is becoming more and more complicated, expensive and high-cost in maintenance and operation. 

Using capital to boost nuclear power development is more urgent than every before!

The “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” has listed nuclear power development as an important task, and the “One Belt One Road” has also created a historic opportunity for nuclear power industry. However, it still needs the help of more financial power to achieve industrial upgrading and sustainable development hindered by the lack of capital in nuclear power industry. 

It is an important agenda for the future development of nuclear power to achieve a win-win result in the process of integrating nuclear power industry with finance through diversified financing methods including equity financing, risk investment, industrial investment fund, bonds and merger & acquisition.  Looking forward your applying for the GNIS•Nuclear Investment Forum.


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