Equity Investment

Ocean Nuclear offers diverse financial services to a wide range of energy projects and companies globally throughout the capital structure.

Venture Capital

Ocean Nuclear is committed to financing emerging energy technologies, especially in the nuclear sector. Ocean Nuclear conducts objective, systemic, and in-depth risk assessment on every potential investment project. Projects with high potential development trajectories will have the opportunity to receive financing by Ocean Nuclear’s venture capital funds.

Financial Consulting

Ocean Nuclear provides comprehensive financial consulting services in the energy sector. We conduct comprehensive evaluations of corporate financial reports, and devise tailor-made financial solutions for our clients.

Global Nuclear Investment Summit (GNIS)

GNIS is a unique event that will bring together experts and industry leaders from both the finance and nuclear sectors in an effort to pioneer rigorous financing tools and projects to align with the future of the energy industry. The inaugural Global Nuclear Investment Summit will be held in London, March 2018. GNIS will also be co-organized with strategic partners in France, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and South Africa in following years. The summit includes industry forums and keynote speeches aimed at enhancing the future development of the nuclear industry and global nuclear technological innovation through financial innovation.

Industry Reports

Ocean Nuclear is actively cooperating with world-leading nuclear enterprises, government organizations and research institutions to publish comprehensive industry reports. We work as a liaison between China and the West by covering important industry news and engaging in technology exchanges in a bilingual format.